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ActivTrak is an employee behavior analytics software. It enables employers to monitor what their staff are doing and the duration of the time they spend on it.This makes ActivTrak a truly stealthy monitoring software, to ensure that employees are honestly using their provided IT resources.


ActivTrak is a workforce productivity and analytics application that helps organizations understand how and what people do at work. Our cloud-based user activity monitoring software provides contextual data and insights that enable mid-market organizations to be more productive, secure, and compliant. Our software is affordable, easy-to-use and can be up and running in minutes.

User Activity Monitoring & Workforce Analytics

Get immediate visibility into HOW and WHAT people do at work so you can boost productivity, harden security and ensure compliance.

​ActivTrak collects and normalizes user activity data providing visibility, analytics and context. Get the real story behind HOW your employees work and what hinders their productivity so you can streamline and optimize business tools, processes and teams.

  • Uncover poor operational processes and workflow bottlenecks

  • Analyze productivity activities and behavior patterns

  • Get visibility into cloud application proliferation and usage trends

  • Gain insights into remote employee work patterns and time management

  • Identify insider threats to reduce security vulnerabilities

  • Get alerted to employee activities that introduce compliance risk

  • Easily generate detailed reports for audit trail requirements

What Can I Use it For?

ActivTrak is a single agent, cloud-native user activity monitoring and analytics solution with a multitude of use cases to fit your needs.


Get a clear picture of how work gets done. Leverage data insights to analyse where time is spent anxd how to improve less productive behaviors to drive the business

Monitor employee activity including working hours, engagement, and productivity behaviours of remote workers.


Get an accurate picture of each employee’s performance and intent. Make informed management decisions and eliminate uncertainty about suspect behavior.


Understand employee workflows, discover bottlenecks and poor organisational structures to better to better streamline operations.


Review reports reports and screen captures to locate suspicious application usage website history, and USB activity. Set alarms set alarms to track risky activities and dicosver


Get an accurate picture of each employee’s performance and intent. Make informed management decisions and eliminate uncertainty about suspect behavior.

What makes ActivTrak unique?

Get clear visibility into employee, team or department groups’ work time behavior.

Low total cost of ownership

A light weight agent with nothing to upgrade or maintain

Flexible platform support

Nativity supports windows, mac, chrome, terminal services, and VDI

Micro services architecture

On-demand upgrades and patches take minutes instead of months

Cloud native platform

Leverages robust, built-in google cloud platform features for enhanced security, data reduction, OCR, and big data analytics


Activtrak’s secure and efficient data collection and delivery process is made up of several parts: the Agent, the Database and the Application.


The entire data cycle begins with the ActivTrak Agent which is a robust and reliable piece of software with a low system profile.

Each ActivTrak account has its own uniquely coded Agent which Collects data and executes responses to user activity while running unnoticed in the background and does more.


Data is collected and sent through a secure channel to a set of backend servers in the Google cloud.

Information about web and application usage are stored in a database dedicated to each account


The ActivTrak application acts as the command center to view all the screenshots, videos, and data insights collected from an account’s Agents in a simple-to-use UI.

The application talks to a separate backend server in the cloud that receives the requests from the user



Get an accurate picture of each employee’s performance and intent. Make informed management decisions and eliminate uncertainty about suspect behavior.

Dashboard shows detailed information on the following;

  • Reports

  • Data Connect

  • Logs

  • Video Playback

  • User Activity Monitoring

  • Alarms

  • Screenshots

  • Website Blocking

  • Categorization & Productivity Classification​

Privacy & Security

You own your data. ActivTrak does not view or have access to the private information collected by your account. Our policy is to take a ‘least-privilege’ approach, meaning we only have access to a limited view upon request for support from an authorized administrator for your account.

How We Secure Collection of Your Data

Data is Encrypted in Transit – All account information is encrypted in transit and stored in a secure data center in hosted by Google Cloud Platform (GCP).
  • ActivTrak uses encrypted connection protocols including HTTPS, SSL, and TLS.

  • Agent to ActivTrak Cloud: Communication between the ActivTrak cloud and the agent uses HTTPS/TLS with AES-128 encryption.

  • Mutual authentication is provided by a combination of digital certificate and per-instance shared key created during deployment.

How We Secure Storage of Your Data

Data Is Encrypted at Rest – ActivTrak uses several layers of encryption to protect customer data at rest in the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) products.
  • Data within the cloud is stored using AES-256 encryption

  • Data is automatically encrypted prior to being written to disk.

Every piece of data; screenshots, videos, and activity logs, are split into discrete blocks which are encrypted.

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